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Ruby Jin Piano Recital

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The Timmins Symphony Orchestra and the Porcupine Music Festival de Musique join forces to bring Ruby Jin, an accomplished pianist from the Ottawa region, to perform a solo recital.


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This recital presents three sets of colourful works by the composers from the early 20th century to our contemporary, and from different cultural backgrounds. All of these works display intimate connections between soundscape and paintings. While Debussy’s Images is among standard impressionist repertoire, Martin and Wang’s works are rather new to audience.

Inspired by music of Debussy and Poulenc, Canadian composer Luc Martin describes Toiles as “colours and movements through the various seasons and events as nature takes its course.” The seven characteristic pieces are inter-related through short musical ideas, which conveys the concept that “nature is continuous and simultaneous sound and images.”

Other Mountains by Chinese composer Wang Lisan is a suite of preludes and fugues. They are written in Chinese Modes that are based on pentatonic scales. According to the composer, the title is derived from the old saying “Stones from Other Mountains may serve to polish the jade of my hill.” In this piece, Wang integrates idioms of ancient Chinese music into the forms of traditional western music. He exploits musical tools, just as ink and coloured pigments, to portray ancient Chinese aesthetics and philosophy.

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